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Mill Stone Labradors


-- Stud Service Contract -- 

Owner of Stud dog ______________________________________________________

Name of stud dog _______________________________________________________

Registration number of stud dog ___________________________________________

Owner of bitch ________________________________________________________

Name of bitch __________________________________________________________

Registration number of bitch ______________________________________________

Kennel name __________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

Phone # __________________________

I, __________________________________________ hereby enter into the following contract for mating of the two dogs: (stud dog) _______________________________  to (bitch) ____________________________,


Stud fee is to be $______________________ cash, payable at the time of breeding with a $150.00 non refundable stud fee.


A guarantee of actual mating only is made, and not of pregnancy or of puppies living or dead.  If bitch fails to be in whelp (pregnancy), the bitch owner must give notice not later than (10) days after Whelping due date. A return service will be given to the same bitch without charge at the next heat.  Unless such notice is given, the right to a return service is forfeited.



This is to certify that the bitch was bred to the stud dog, _________________________,   

Reg #____________________, on _____________________ 20____

The following terms and conditions are understood and agreed to by both parties:

(1) Prior to breeding, the owner of the bitch must provide a completed  copy of the bitch's pedigree, proof of a negative Brucellosis test OFA MUST be good or exellent.

(2) Payment of the stud fee is due at the time of the last service unless otherwise specified in the initial arrangement for breeding.

(3) If the bitch fails to whelp, the owner of the bitch must notify the stud dog owner of this fact within 10 days of the whelping due date. A return service will be given by the same stud dog at the next heat unless otherwise agreed upon by the stud owner. Lack of notification as indicated above will forfeit any return service.

(4) If the stud dog should die or otherwise become incapacitated for breeding purposes before the return service is given, the stud fee will be refunded in full.

(5) If the bitch changes ownership, any return service will be at the option of the stud dog owner. In certain cases, a substitute bitch may be accepted for the return service, but this will also be at the option of the stud dog owner.

(6) If the bitch dies or aborts before whelping, the stud dog owner must be notified immediately if there is to be consideration given for a return service. Granting of a return service will be dependent on the cause of death; i.e., negligent or unavoidable cause.

(7) Live birth of two puppies will considered a litter.

(8) Any bitch that cannot be bred due to viciousness, fear, or any other extreme behavior problem will be immediately returned to the owner of said bitch and no payment will be due.

(9) It is the bitch owner's responsibility to be sure that the bitch is brought to the stud dog at the proper time for breeding.


Stud dogs owner:____________________________   Date:_____________

Bitches owner______________________________     Date:_____________


Whelping due date:_________________.